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DIY Sunburst Mirror

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Wall decor…I never know what to do with our wall decor because I never want anything too permanent.  We live in an apartment right now, so I don’t want to purchase large/expensive pieces of decor in fear that they won’t fit with our next place.

The solution…searching on Pinterest!

I found a DIY Sunburst Mirror which I can’t find now (SORRY!!  I would love to give credit to the original creator).   Well, I liked the look of this one and it didn’t require me to go out and get a lot of supplies.  Score!  This was the one for me!

The base of the sunburst is actually a  Metal “Sticks” Pillar Candle Holder from Hobby Lobby!  Genius!

There were two sizes of these so you can also create a smaller sunburst mirror.  The one we got, the larger one, creates a sunburst that is about 2 feet in diameter.  I liked this size since it was going up on our wall next to the couch, I wanted it larger.

When at Hobby Lobby, you also need to go and buy some mirrors.  I took the candle holder back with me to make sure that the large, center mirror would be the best size.  I got one that was just slightly larger than the base of the candle holder so that it would be completely covered (~4″).  Then I got some small mirrors to put on the ends (~1″).  You’ll need about 32 of these if you have one on every end.  If you don’t have  a glue gun and glue sticks you will need that and also a way to hang it on the wall.  I had a metal bracket that is used to hang picture frames on hand and that’s what I used.  The candle holder was $9.99 (Got it during 50% off sale), the center mirror was $2.99 (Used 40% off coupon), and the small mirrors were $2.47 a bag, bought 2 bags (Used 40% off coupon on both of them).  Grand total: ~$9

To get started, you will need to slowly and carefully pull each one of the “sticks” on the candle holder back so that they are flat with the base.  I left mine a little higher so that they would project from the wall.  Be very careful when you are doing this because the metal will snap.  I broke one off when I was doing it.  I could have super glued it back on, but I liked that it added a little bit more variety on to the orientation of the sticks.

Once you have pulled them all back, using hot glue or super glue to glue the larger mirror into place over the base of the candle holder.

Once this is done, you can glue the smaller mirrors onto each end of the “sticks” that you have folded down.  Make sure those are set, flip it over, superglue the bracket on the back.  I let this sit over night because I didn’t want my mirror to come tumbling down once I put it up.

And viola!!  You have yourself a homemade, DIY SUNBURST MIRROR!!

I love ours and I’m pretty sure that no matter where we move in the future, that this will remain a part of our decor.

Hope you enjoy this!  Stay tuned to for more DIY projects as I make my journey towards being a wifey!!  Follow us on Facebook!


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